Our Mission

Since 1965, the Alta Vista Community Association (AVCA) has offered community residents the opportunity a forum for discussions on a diversity of issues in Alta Vista- all interested residents are welcome to participate.

The AVCA is concerned with political and civic issues that impact our neighbourhood. We work together collectively to discuss issues related to topics such as development, traffic, parks and recreation, and services, and also work to foster community by organizing events in the neighbourhood. We strive to positively and actively influence the development of the Alta Vista community for the well-being of its residents, property owners, business owners and visitors.

We hope to do this by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Seeking input from residents, property owners and business owners in diverse areas of Alta Vista regarding the interests of the community.
  • Fostering a strong community for residents, business owners, property owners and visitors to Alta Vista.
  • Interacting with various levels of government to promote the interests of the Alta Vista community including participating in community design and planning processes and fairly representing the Alta Vista Community during formal or informal consultations with interested parties.
  • Collecting and dispersing information of importance to members of our community.
  • Encouraging positive social, recreational, cultural, artistic and commercial activities in Alta Vista.
  • Communicating and cooperating with other community groups in the surrounding area to the benefit of the Alta Vista community.

We meet the third Tuesday of every month at Rideau Park United Church, from September until June. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in October of each year. We welcome and encourage the participation of all residents in Alta Vista.