Rinks, picnic planning, a new web site and more were on the agenda of the AVCA executive committee meeting, Feb 19, 2013.  One important topic was the status of the Official Plan update.  The City of Ottawa recently launched Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031, a city-wide review of the strategic documents that guide the development of the city including the Official Plan and the Master Transportation Plan.  Please go to the City’s web site to read what is proposed.

AVCA’s preliminary assessment is there will be little change to the zoning by-laws for the Alta Vista Ward.  Proposals to intensify Walkley Road between Bank and the Heron Road intersection and St. Laurent Rd between Smyth Road and Pleasant Park will need to be studied.  And the city’s continued emphasis on intensification and infill will continue to put pressures on our community.

The proposed transportation policy is one of affordability with great emphasis on transit, cycling and walking.   The transportation “magnets” of the Hospital Complex and Trainlands are continuing to expand and the intensification proposed for communities to the south of Alta Vista as well as that for Bank Street and Walkley Road will generate ever increasing amounts of traffic.     Our community needs to become involved in this major Planning update.

A more detailed analysis of the City’s proposals will be posted on the AVCA web site in early March, 2013.

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