And now, in Traffic…

We’ve update the Traffic page on the site with new links to the TRANS committee website. TRANS is  a six member committee spanning all three levels of government within the National Capital Region and was established in 1979 to encourage co-ordination between the major transportation planning agencies.

Like Traffic surveys and modelling info? You’ll LOVE their Resource Library, which contains, among other things:

  • National Capital Region Travel Trend Study – an investigation of regional and inter-provincial travel trends with some very interesting graphs showing where people go.

What you can’t find in the Resource Library is the latest 2011 Origin-Destination Survey. That’s ok – just follow this link

Why is this cool? Because the survey captures the travel behavior of 25,000 randomly sampled households, showing their travel behavior and demographics. Stats for Alta Vista show that for the AM Peak Period (6:30 – 8:59):

  • Almost 8,000 people come in from Hunt Club
  • Almost 5,900 people come from Orleans
  • Almost 4,300 people come from the ‘Ottawa Inner Area’
  • Almost 3,700 people come from Merivale.

Check out the details here:

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