Exec meeting summary

For those that were unable to attend, the executive meeting held on April 16 was a very informative and interesting one. Outside of regular business and progress updates, there were three presentations from local citizens. Here’s a quick summary of what went on:

  • Applewood Park playstructure replacement is progressing with estimated construction date of June. The group is working to address a lack of seating in the current design and is hoping to raise some additional funds and apply to a matching grant with the City.
  • R. Mandeville presented his concerns regarding the sanitary conditions around Orlando park and some parkland in that area. Many dog owners use the space and it appears that some people do not follow proper “stoop & scoop” regulations. Mr. Mandeville also reports that there is a lot of trash and litter due to a lack of garbage cans. He has tried to get some support from the City but has been frustrated by the process. We recently posted a tongue-in-cheek reminder of dog owner responsibilities as a result of Mr. Mandeville’s comments.
  • Alta Vista Rink update – The team of volunteers who supported the operations of the Alta Vista rink provided a review of the season. They also presented their vision for the future of the rink, recommendations on potential improvements and what kinds of activities could also be included for next year.
  • Planning for the Perennial Exchange (May 12), Garage Sale (June 8) and Picnic (June 9) are all well underway.

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