May exec meeting summary

Apologies for not posting the agenda and notice in advance.

A lot of items were touched on during the meeting which included the standard fare (membership, AVCA events, general administration) but there were some additional topics and decisions that deserve special mention.

  • The rink sub-committee reported on the 2012-2013 outdoor rink assessment and presented some recommendations on improving rink management and administration. There was also a discussion of alternative management models for outdoor rinks with the general consensus that it is ideal when local residents and rink users take over contracts with the City to manage the rinks. It was decided that the AVCA would continue to manage and operate the Sharel Rink in 2013-2014 on the condition that a local operator could be found while discussions would be undertaken for local management of the Alta Vista rink.
  • Proposed sidewalks – An on-line consultation conducted by the City as part of the official plan review showed proposed sidewalks on a number of Alta Vista streets (Cunningham, Fairbanks, Portal and others). A discussion took place regarding traffic calming and how to react to the consultation with agreement that input from affected residents is the most appropriate action. The link to the on-line consultation is available here:
  • A representative from Ecology Ottawa presented information on a new initiative called Tree Ottawa and is interested in getting local support for various projects. Ecology Ottawa was invited to participate in the annual picnic to promote the initiative.
  • A sub-committee formed in March to study community funding presented their report on funding. Based on their research, it was recommended that a donation be made to support children in Alta Vista and a motion was passed to donate $500 to Charles Hulse Public School for the purchase of sports equipment.

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