Hey you! Slow down, or I’ll…

Everyone loves traffic. Well, everyone loves to complain about traffic. It’s a popular subject and much like the weather, everyone has an opinion.

For those that are just trying to get home, cutting through a neighbourhood to reach your destination quicker is advantageous. If you happen to live in that neighbourhood, you don’t think so.

So it’s interesting to see what the City is piloting to try to get people to slow down, or at least, pay more attention.

The Ottawa Citizen has a report on a City pilot to put signs in the middle of certain roads. Interesting concept and currently not proposed for the Alta Vista ward. However, Councillor Hume, through his Safe Streets program is trying out street painting and a 40km/h zone for the entire Riverview Park community.

One thought on “Hey you! Slow down, or I’ll…

  1. my request from last year as follows…

    Speed Bumps on Faircrest Road
    My name is Bernard Gorski and I live at 249 Faircrest Road. I understand the traffic lights at Fairbanks and Smyth were installed in such a way to stop westbound Smyth traffic from turning on to Fairbanks. However, at the same time it makes it extremely difficult for cars on Fairbanks to turn westbound on to Smyth during rush hour. As a consequence most vehicles have opted to driving down Faircrest to turn right on Alta Vista instead.
    These vehicles constantly drive too fast down Faircrest, along with school buses and trucks. We have no sidewalks. People walk their dogs, seniors walk with the assistance of their walkers, parents take their kids for a stroll while others skateboard or play basketball along our street. Speeding vehicles are too dangerous for homeowners on our street or any street for that matter especially one without sidewalks.

    I was happy for a while because the potholes on our street had a significant impact in reducing the speed of vehicles on Faircrest. However the city patched the holes due to driver complaints.

    In summary, if the city cannot rework the Smyth-Fairbanks intersection and street lights to be more accomodating to vehicular traffic then,
    give us speed humps or bumps on Faircrest to deter speeding vehicles.

    thank you for listening

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