Is it back to school time already? For crossing guards it is!

Crossing guards serve and important function in our neighbourhoods and you might just wonder who these people are. It could be you!

We received the following and are sharing with all of you to get the word out about part-time Adult Crossing Guard positions in Alta Vista, at Kilborn Ave & Niagara/McQuaig and Randall Ave. & Ridgecrest. Both intersections serve Alta Vista P.S.

Current Adult Crossing Guard Job Openings: 2013-14 School Year – Riverside South

About the Adult Crossing Guard Program: The Adult Crossing Guard program is funded by the City of Ottawa and has been managed through the Ottawa Safety Council since 2005.The Adult Crossing guard is responsible for the safe passage of students and the public through a city warranted assigned area..As of January 2013, there are 145 warranted intersections assigned an Adult Crossing Guard. Why? The Adult Crossing Guard is placed at specific locations to ensure children can cross streets safely as they travel to and from school. The guard provides a friendlier atmosphere that encourages and supports increased walking and cycling to school. This in turn helps increase physical activity and decreases traffic congestion in the community.

The Ottawa Safety Council is responsible to ensure all of the Adult Crossing Guards are trained appropriately. This training includes one on one training on proper crossing procedures, on-site training with an experienced crossing guard and manager, training in First Aid and CPR, and an annual review of safe crossing procedures. All of the Adult Crossing Guards are also trained in Bill 168- Violence and Harassment in the Workplace as well as the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Customer Service Policy.The intersections are monitored once every three months, and more often if necessary. The Ottawa Safety Council takes every effort to ensure the crossing guards are working in the safest conditions possible and encourages and supports the crossing guards in reporting unsafe conditions.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Sherry Cashman

Public Education and Marketing Coordinator

Ottawa Safety Council

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