Exec meeting summary – Sept 17

For those of you who missed out, here is a short summary of key items discussed at the executive meeting held on Sept 17. Lots of topics covered (AGM, picnic, sidewalks, traffic, development, Orland park noise and rinks) and the info below is only a summary of the conversations. See something that sparks your interest? Check out the agenda and come out next time.

Got any questions? Contact us for more details. Want to join the AVCA? Want to volunteer? We’d love to have you!

AGM – The AGM is scheduled for October 16th at 7pm at the Rideau Park United Church.

Alta Vista Picnic – Attendance was not taken but turnout seemed to be lower than in previous years. Various hypotheses as to why; questionable weather, changing demographics, lack of variety in activities, to name a few. These topics to be re-visited when planning begins again.

Sidewalks – Councillor Hume provided an update on the Pedestrian Plan and consultation that occurred earlier in the year. Peter explained the rationale behind the pedestrian plan and the reason why numerous proposed sidewalks appeared in the on-line consultation tool. The draft Ottawa Pedestrian Plan is expected to be released soon and the plan is supposed to tie together missing links and also provide criteria to justify adding sidewalks, which was lacking in the previous process.

Alta Vista Drive improvements – A status update on the road work to improve pedestrian safety was provided. Some changes had been made to the work (primarily changes to textured crossings) without the knowledge of the Alta Vista Drive Residents Association. It was noted that these changes were necessitated by feedback from City maintenance staff and both parties were working together to resolve the outstanding issues.

Orlando Park noise – A local citizen presented the executive with a description of soccer related noise issues she has been dealing with at Orlando Park, particularly in the evenings.  Discussions with the City and the soccer association regarding potential options were inconclusive (moving games to the field furthest away from houses; promoting parking at the school). The neighbourhood group partnered with Ecology Ottawa to tackle a 3 year tree planting project which would help to reduce noise from Heron Road and the soccer fields. The first tree planting event is on October 19th and they are looking for volunteers and equipment.

Rinks – The Sharel rink will no longer be run by the community association and a search to find a replacement operator was unsuccessful. The City will be notified and there is the chance that another operator may offer to operate the rink.  There was also a discussion on AVCA support of local rink operators to encourage community spirit and events, with the potential of providing targetted funding for an event.

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