Notice of Annual General Meeting

The AVCA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 16th 2013, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at Rideau Park United Church, 2203 Alta Vista Drive.

The meeting’s agenda includes reports from the AVCA’s President and Treasurer, the election of the Executive Committee for the coming year, and brief addresses from our area’s elected representatives who are able to attend.

All members in good standing are eligible to vote in the election and on other matters put before the membership at the AGM. Memberships expiring in 2013 are valid until the end of the meeting. Memberships may be renewed at the AGM (household memberships for one year are $5; or a three-year membership is $10).

A special welcome to the new members who have joined AVCA this year. Our membership drive this spring succeeded in bringing in a number of renewals as well as first-time memberships for some of our new young families who enjoyed the picnic in June. Your participation in AVCA is very welcome and we hope to see you at the AGM.

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