Alta Vista Drive Christmas Spirit

Alta Vista Drive wreath Santa’s elves have a head start on spreading the Christmas spirit here in Alta Vista. The wreaths are up again for the season, thanks to the generosity of Black & McDonald who take on this task twice yearly. Kudos also go to the Canterbury Community Centre staff who bring the wreaths out in the fall and then store them again through the warmer months. All of this is possible through the helpful staff of Councillor Hume. These wreaths give a lovely seasonal touch throughout the long winter and are enjoyed by many in the community. The AVDRA is proud of the Drive and encourage all its residents to keep their properties in top drawer form throughout the year. Some of the Traffic Calming Measures along Alta Vista Drive were put in place this past summer, and with the continued support of Councillor Peter Hume the rest should follow early spring.  The TCM prime focus is on safety- both pedestrian and cyclists. The AVDRA and the AVCA encourage all drivers to be mindful of these Green oriented citizens and to set a great example.

Winter brings strong winds, so if you see any DANGLING WREATHS, please contact Shanna Harding at Black & McDonald – Tel. 613 736-9284 Ext. 22 or []

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