Where’d all the trees go?

The next time you drive down Pleasant Park you might be surprised to not see a whole lot of trees in the Pleasant Park woods. This is a planned removal by the City and is a small part of a larger project that is centred in Faircrest Heights. Councillor Hume has let us know that there was a public meeting on October 21st with follow up meetings on-site with abutting residents.

Here are some more details.

  • The section on Pleasant Park is comprised almost entirely of dead ash trees and invasive buckthorn. The ash and buckthorn are being removed and the site is being prepared for re-planting. The forestry staff, along with community volunteers, will be planting approximately 2500 native species trees which is hoped to grow and merge into the larger Pleasant Park woods. The elimination of the buckthorn also prevents it from invading the larger mature woodlot to the south.
  • In Pleasant Park Woods proper ash trees will be selectively removed along pathways and only where they present a danger to the public traversing the woods. Trees off of the pathway and deep in the woods proper will not be removed.
  • Removals take place in the winter so as not to damage the forest floor.
  • More woodlot work will be done to the north of this site and some near Billings Park has already been completed. 2 other areas will have work done – an area abutting Smyth Road and in the Billings Estate.
  • The City will be placing a sign on the Pleasant Park property encouraging people to register to help plant the 2500 trees in the May/June timeframe.

Hopefully there will be lots of volunteers for the tree planting so that this section is reforested quickly.

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