2 thoughts on “It must be spring…

  1. I would like to know why residents have been left out of the consultation process on the AVTC . The residents of Abbey Road have been purposely been left out of the details on the corridor , I say this because a few weeks ago we were given an innocuous sheet in our door by the city saying VIA would be doing a little maintenance on the tracks. Well as it turns out VIA is moving the tracks 35 feet closer to my house and building another track parallel to existing , for three years there will be nighttime work I guess! Some ” little work” .No mention of that in the” HOSPITAL LINK” yet I know the planners knew! They knew, the rail bed needed to be raised 1 meter! I didn’t …nor did anyone else on the street… Until ” TODAY “..March 11th!! I am tierd of being given just the information my councillor thinks is relevant, councillor Hume is purposely omitting info, based on the facts I have just written … or it may be said ,he is also ” out of the loop” The latter I don’t buy we need proper leadership on this … leadership which is absolutely lacking.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The Hospital Link was approved as part of the City Council Approval of the Environmental Assessment for the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor in late 2005. The Environmental Assessment took over four years to complete and is considered one of the most extensive ever conducted by the City. During those four years there were several major public consultations and all community associations were actively involved , including AVCA and Riverview Park. Indeed some aspects of the EA were appealed to the responsible Provincial Minister who agreed with the recommendations of the EA after due consideration. The budget to do the detailed design and construction for the Hospital Link was also approved in 2005. It is believed that the detailed design has taken a lengthy time largely due to differing priorities given the work needed from Ontario Hydro and CN Rail. It is also believed that the detail design will closely follow the preliminary design for the Hospital Link detailed in the EA in 2005. This includes moving Riverside Drive towards the Rideau River, creating an overpass over the Rapid Transitway and an underpass under the CN Railway tracks leading to an at grade intersection with Alta Vista Drive. The preliminary design in the EA also noted that Ontario Hydro would have to move several of its hydro towers and that CN would need to construct temporary tracks to keep rail traffic flowing while the underpass was constructed.

      The AVCA has just learned that there will be a Community information session later in March, 2014 – see our blog posting.

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