Upcoming Hospital Link community info session

The AVCA has just learned that there will be a Community information session March 26 from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Vincent Massey Public School at 745 Smyth Road (see below for an excerpt from the invite).

Dear Neighbours,
The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the other institutions that comprise the Ottawa Health Sciences Complex (OHSC) are good neighbours. We are lucky to have them close by when we need them.
Health care, just like our city, changes over time. Take CHEO as an example; last year 6,245 children were admitted as inpatients to CHEO, contrast that to the 10,541 visits to the Medical Day Unit (i.e. oncology, dialysis, hematology, etc.) and the 170,845 visits to receive ambulatory care, you can see a trend towards more outpatient services, more patients coming and more going on a daily basis. More day surgery and clinic visits coupled with 66,051 emergency department visits makes CHEO a busy place.
To support CHEO, TOH and the other institutions of the OHSC, the City will soon begin construction of a two-lane hospital link that will connect Riverside Drive and the Transitway to the Hospital Ring Road.
The City of Ottawa will begin construction of the western portion of Hospital Link in 2014.

More info at www.peterhume.ca.

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