Gardeners, start your trowels

The winter of 2013/14 was one for the books, and certainly the most consistently cold and snowy winter seen in Ottawa since the 1970s. On the upside, it should set the stage for a good spring gardening season, without any of the dry and dusty conditions we’ve had in some recent springs.

For the third year, the Alta Vista Perennial Exchange is being planned for Mother’s Day at the Billings Estate National Historic Site. This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 11th, so mark your calendars and start thinking about which perennials need splitting this spring—once the snow finally goes away.

The perennial exchange is an opportunity for neighbourhood gardeners to get together, swap plants, and share advice on gardening in Alta Vista. The plants available may include split perennials, re-seeded annuals or perennials, and plant seeds.

If you want to make sure you get the details, join the Alta Vista Gardeners e-mail list by sending a message to


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