Public meeting notice – City wants to encourage more commercial development within Alta Vista

Public Meeting – Wednesday January 21, 2015 at Ottawa City Hall. 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Why? Zoning By-law amendments to encourage more commercial uses. The study website has more details –

Can’t make it? Send your thoughts/comments to the AVCA or to the City.

Participants through the online questionnaire identified the following locations in Ward 18 as appropriate for introducing small-scale commercial uses. Residents and interested parties are encouraged to forward comments to staff about these specific locations and their thoughts on the appropriateness if various commercial uses were permitted.

The streets and comments below were pulled from the questionnaire and have been listed without any judgement. These represent the opinion(s) of the respondents.

  • Portage Ave., Dauphin St., Hamlet St. Arch St., Harding St., Dorval St.
  • Kilborn, Pleasant Park
  • Dorion, Know, Blair, Coronation
  • Near Balena Park
  • Pleasant Park Road, Alta Vista Drive, Kilborn Ave.,Smyth Ave.
  • Tawney, Maywood, Susan, Othello, Hamlet,Chapman, Saunderson, Nerta, Pleasant Park
  • Cavendish, Lamira, Utah, Blossom *only if house conversion were allowed

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