OC Transpo message from Councillor

This message was sent to the AVCA from Councillor Cloutier regarding the OC Transpo issues today.

Dear Community Colleagues,

This morning OC Transpo experienced serious operational delays in and around Hurdman Station.

As the  ward councillor for Alta Vista I apologise for the inconvenience this caused. Delays were a result of the reconfigured temporary platform and increased traffic on this first day after Labour Day

The temporary station was built as part of the LRT construction. The existing station and platforms need to be demolished to make way for the new station currently under construction. Timing and implementation is linked to the construction plans needed to deliver the LRT project. Adjustments are linked to service change dates, construction schedules and contractual processes associated with the LRT.

I have had a meeting with Stephen Blais, Chair of the Transit Commission and have had contact with John Manconi the General Manager of OC Transpo.

It is important to immediately improve the flow through the station and to mitigate the effects of the new temporary platform by implementing whatever structural or traffic changes as might be appropriate.

An integrated City wide team of OC Transpo, Traffic, Traffic Incident Management Group, Rail Implementation Office and Emergency Management were immediately mobilized to look at short-and long-term solutions.

Details are being finalized and will be implemented for this afternoon’s peak service

They include the following:

1.    Special Constables will be at multiple locations at the station directing traffic which will improve flow

2.    A temporary road that was closed and can provide relief in the station will be reopened providing extra bus flow capacity

3.    Bus stop assignments will be revised in order to better manage flow through the station

4.    A bump out that is restricting articulated buses from being able to move into the platforms is being removed

5.    No deadheading buses will be permitted through the station reducing volumes

6.    No vehicles through the station unless  in service or emergency vehicles

7.    Extra supervisory, customer service staff will be on site to improve flow/manage volumes

8.    Any customer facing changes will be communicated to our customers

These measures are being implemented today and a detailed review of the design of the station is also underway. For updates, please visit my website at www.jeancloutier.com.

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