Put some fun in your neighbourhood this winter!

The Alta Vista Community Association (AVCA) makes funding available to help support community activities during the winter months. 2015/16 is the third season for this program. Get creative and plan an event in your neighbourhood for the upcoming holiday season, hockey day, or Winterlude (just for example).

Neighbourhood groups are invited to apply for up to $100 funding to support community events at Alta Vista neighbourhood parks, including those with City-supported outdoor rinks, or Grasshopper Hill. A maximum of five events can be funded this year, so start planning and apply early!

The following criteria must be met in order to receive support:

i.  The request must be made by an AVCA member

ii.  The proponent(s) must organize and advertise the event or activity

iii.  AVCA support must be acknowledged

iv.  A brief budget must be included with the request

v.  Receipts (or copies of receipts) must be provided to AVCA within 30 days of the event date

Requests and inquires may be submitted via the “Contact Us” page at http://www.AVCA.ca. All requests will be followed up by email.

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