Coach House project update

The City has released a second discussion paper, titled: Guiding Principles and Draft Recommendations. The paper can be accessed on the project webpage at

The paper provides 5 guiding principles which influence the recommended Official Plan policy and Zoning By-law provisions proposed to implement Coach Houses. Some of the top highlights of the proposed Zoning By-law provisions to allow Coach Houses are as follows:

  • Only permitting Coach Houses on lots which have a detached dwelling or semi detached dwelling;
  • Limiting the height of a Coach House to one storey unless the unit is above a garage or facing a public laneway, which will allow for a two storey Coach House;
  • Only permitting properties to have either a Coach House or a secondary dwelling unit within the home, but not both;
  • Only permitting Coach Houses in the rear yard;
  • Limiting the size of the Coach House to 40% of the footprint of the primary home up to a maximum of 95 metres square;
  • Requiring that a Coach House cannot exceed a lot coverage of 40% of the rear yard; and
  • Prohibiting Coach Houses on properties which are serviced by a private well and septic system.

Feedback is welcomed regarding the directions in the paper by contacting the City by email or phone, between now and February 29, 2016.

Attached is a short article on the Guiding Principles and Draft Recommendations Paper as well as additional contact details.

Jan 26-16 – Coach Houses – Summary Info.



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