AVCA Perennial Exchange

This coming Sunday, May 8th – Mother’s Day
Time: 10:30am (exchange) / Plant sale at noon
Location: Billings Estate National Historic Site
2100 Cabot Street
(off Pleasant Park, just west of the transitway)

As in past years, the AVCA Perennial Exchange is being held at the Billings Estate and the format remains the same. Here’s the schedule:

10 to 10:30 – Set-up location
10:30 to 11 – Gardeners arrive with plants (1)
11 to 12 noon – Exchange takes place
Noon to 1:00 – Sale of remaining plants (2)

(1) What to bring: Any hardy perennials, in pots or containers with identifying tags (tape on the pot or a Popsicle stick in the dirt are good indicators). Annuals and seeds are also welcome. Vegetables too! Sometimes we even have tropical houseplants from someone downsizing. Please avoid listed invasive plants and indicate aggressive spreaders.
(2) All proceeds go to the Alta Vista Community Association.

For more info, or to volunteer, email gardens.avca@gmail.com.

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