Snow Moles Wanted

AVCA has partnered  with the Council on Aging of Ottawa for the 2017 Snow Mole audit during the next few weeks in the Alta Vista neighbourhood.

Participants can drop off their completed Snow Mole Questionnaire in the Alta Vista Community Association’s mail slot at  Rideau Park United Church on , or send  to the Council on Aging at‎.  anytime before March 15th.

Wanted:  Alta Vista Snow Moles

Snow Moles are volunteers who report on what it’s like to walk outside on a winter day, by completing a one-page questionnaire and dropping it off at the Community Association office mail slot located at Rideau Park United Church on Alta Vista Drive – or by email to  before March 15th.    It’s quick and easy.  You fill out the checklist when you walk to your chosen destination in your neighbourhood on one day in winter.  The walk can be short or long.

Snow Moles should be age 60 and over.  Even better if you walk with a grandchild or a neighbour with small children.  We want to hear from seniors and other vulnerable pedestrians (those using mobility aids and young children)  since their experience and perspective often is quite different from young and middle-aged pedestrians.

The Snow Mole project is led by the Council on Aging of Ottawa’s Age-Friendly program.  Our goal is to audit and make recommendations that will make winter walking safe and enjoyable for older people and other vulnerable pedestrians (including people using mobility devices and young children).

More coverage here: ‎

Snow Mole Questionnaire

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