Blanket exercise – March 12

The AVCA is pleased to bring to your attention information about a special event happening soon in our neighbourhood. Please feel free to share this information with your friends and social networks.

WHAT:The Blanket Exercise: An Essential Introduction to Indigenous Culture WHEN:March 12th 2017  noon to 2:30 pm

WHERE:Rideau Park United Church  2203 Alta Vista Dr.

WHO:Everyone is welcome!!

COST: Free, donations to offset the cost of lunch, and costs to elders accepted.

Rideau Park Social Action and Outreach Committee is honoured to join with  Kairos Canada and local Indigenous leaders, to present the Blanket Exercise. It is a nationally recognized essential introduction to Cultural perspectives of Indigenous People. Many elementary schools, high schools, churches, temples, businesses and community organizations have offered the exercise for their members.

Beginning with a light lunch, we will all experience the dignity of sharing of the exercise together. There is no requirement for actual physical exercise, those who have any physical limit are at ease and fully welcomed.

For further information:

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