Alta Vista Library Gardening Team

• Want to garden, but don’t have a garden?

• Want to help people with their gardens?

• Want to improve the local area?

The purpose of this group is to offer members an opportunity to share their gardening knowledge and skills.

  • Lana Doss from The Fine Gardening Group will serve as “crew chief” for projects currently in development as well as those that will be created as time, talent and funding allow.
  • The Team can meet as required but during the growing season, April through September, meets more frequently to keep up with gardening tasks required.
  • Join us! There is no cost to join the Library Gardening Team beyond your time and your participation in work bees on the gardens at the Library.To sign up, email Evelyn Housch, ( Coordinator at the branch, or call her at 613-580-2424 ext 30429, to give her your name, phone number, and email address. Information about the gardening efforts will be provided by email.

    Library Gardening Team Flyer

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