APRIL 04/2019 ALTA VISTA DRIVE FUNCTIONAL PLANNING STUDY (south of Smyth road to north of Bank street)

The City of Ottawa is commencing a study to develop a functional road design for Alta Vista Drive between Faircrest Road and Edge Hill Place. Aging underground utilities such as sewers and watermains dictate that two stretches of Alta Vista Drive require renewal in the short and medium term. This provides the opportunity to upgrade the design of surface elements such as the roadway, sidewalk and cycling facilities. This functional design is required to guide the associated roadway reconstruction investments to ensure a coherent ultimate condition. STAGING The City is considering upgrading Alta Vista Drive in four segments. The first segment, Kilborn to Billings Ave requires upgrading in the short term, four to seven years from now. The second segment, Wesmar to Edgehill Place requires upgrading in the medium term, six to ten years from now. There is no timeline yet for water and sewer replacement on the remaining two segments, from Smyth Road to Billings Ave and from Kilborn to Wesmar Avenue. Potential interim surface works are to be determined. KEY CONSIDERATIONS At the first meeting of the Advisory Committee, the City highlighted the following goals: Improve accessibility Enhance sidewalks and transit infrastructure Upgrade cycling facilities Maintain or enhance existing traffic calming measures Snow storage Driveway access and length for parking Since Alta Vista Drive is designated a spine cycling route, there is a desire to provide a reserved space for cyclists, ideally either a cycle track or a buffered bike lane. WHAT WILL HAPPEN The City has started this study and engaged a consultant (Parsons). The first meeting of the combined Technical and Public Advisory committee was held on March 19th and there will be two more meetings, one in April and another in May (to be confirmed). Current planning calls for an open house to be held in late June, 2019 to obtain comments and feedback from all of you. Then the functional plan will need to be approved by Council. WHO CURRENTLY REPRESENTS ALTA VISTA The public members of the advisory committee include Garry Lindberg, President, Alta Vista Drive Residents’ Association, Marty Carr, President, Alta Vista Community Association, a representative from Rideau Park United Church and representatives from the Alta Vista Library. A representative from Faircrest Heights Community Association and possibly others were invited but did not attend the first meeting. They are expected to participate in future meetings. The technical members of the committee include City representatives from water and sewer, roads, cycling, and transit. SOME KEY RESULTS FROM FIRST MEETING The first meeting focussed on data gathering from the members and outlining key features of the present road, widths of boulevards, where some key features such as power poles and street lights are located and where transit stops are. The second meeting will be held in mid to late April and this will be the first time that options for re-design will be discussed. WHAT ELSE?? It was explained that the study stopped at Edge Hill place rather than extending to Bank Street because the intersection is part of the Bank Street Redesign and re-build. The section Wesmar to Edgehill cannot be done until the Bank street re-build is completed, since sewers there must run south to Bank Street. If there are delays in re-building Bank Street then there will be delays in re-building this section of AVD. It was explained that the study did not include the section from Faircrest to Smyth because it did not make sense to do a functional study of the Alta Vista and Smyth intersection at this time since this intersection was unlikely to be completely re-built for a considerable period of time and traffic patterns would undoubtedly change by then. It was explained that the City did not want to re-do the surface features of any section until it was determined that the underground water and sewer needed to be replaced. City Staff were comfortable with having Alta Vista rebuilt in sections as long as all the sections utilized the same functional design. It was noted that residents of Alta Vista Drive are very proud of their residential collector street with its mediums, trees and sidewalks. All residents will wish to be fully consulted and involved. The traffic management/traffic calming studies carried out a few years ago had two public meetings plus at least two special meetings on local features. City staff were cautioned that holding just one public consultation might not be sufficient. HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED Sign up for the latest news from the City at http://www.ottawa.ca/altavistadrive Send comments and concerns to the person named on the City web site; and post them on our Facebook page. Be sure to copy AVCA and AVDRA: for AVCA, martycarr@sympatico.ca; for AVDRA, Garry.Lindberg@sympatico.ca. Our next post will happen after the second advisory committee meeting now scheduled for mid to late April.

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