Major Changes Coming to Alta Vista Drive

Water and sewer will be replaced in four stages, currently only two stages scheduled (completion of first two stages not anticipated for several years). The street will be narrowed and segregated bike lanes will be added. All intersections will change. Come to the open house on June 18th at St. Timothy’s Presbyterian Church from 6 to 8pm, your opportunity to learn and be heard.

You will see two options:

Option A- separate sidewalk and cycle track: roadway narrowed, raised cycle track where painted cycle track now is, sidewalk widened where it is.

Option B-bundled sidewalk and cycle track: roadway narrowed, cycle track next to widened sidewalk means boulevard shifted towards road and nearly all boulevard trees lost

Signalized intersections will change for both options and some corner lots may be impacted to some degree. The option of status quo-maintaining the present road width with surface bike lanes with flex posts is not currently being considered due to safety requirements.

2 thoughts on “Major Changes Coming to Alta Vista Drive

  1. While I’m not a fan of either of these costly options over general infrastructure work and repair (I’m not a proponent of major bicycle infrastructure investment, since it’s only used by the majority for less than half the year), if these are the choices, I hope they go with option A, since we won’t lose all those trees, many of which the city has paid to replant in just the past five years, and the character of the street would be drastically worsened by their removal.

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