About AVCA

AVCA Mission

The AVCA offers community residents the opportunity to serve the community, as it has since 1965, on a diversity of issues and roles and all interested residents are welcome to participate.

The AVCA is primarily concerned with political and civic issues which could affect the quality of our lives and creates a medium for the betterment of the entire Alta Vista community.

Alta Vista Community

The Alta Vista community in Ottawa is a thriving and exciting place to live. It’s a mixture of residential and commerical interests, schools, churches, parking lots and parkland. Ask anyone who’s lived here for a few years and they’ll tell you, Alta Vista is changing. Some of that change is great, some is not so wonderful, but we can surely agree on one thing: Alta Vista remains a great place to live and we, the residents, should have a say in how it develops and changes.

The purpose of our community association is to positively and actively influence the development of the Alta Vista community for the well-being of its residents, property owners, business owners and visitors.

We hope to do this by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Seeking input from residents, property owners and business owners in diverse areas of Alta Vista regarding the interests of the community.
  • Fostering a strong community for residents, business owners, property owners and visitors to Alta Vista.
  • Interacting with various levels of government to promote the interests of the Alta Vista community including participating in community design and planning processes and fairly representing the Alta Vista Community during formal or informal consultations with interested parties.
  • Collecting and dispersing information of importance to members of our community.
  • Encouraging positive social, recreational, cultural, artistic and commercial activities in Alta Vista.
  • Communicating and cooperating with other community groups in the surrounding area to the benefit of the Alta Vista community.