The AVCA includes all members of the AVCA, and anyone residing in the catchment area is encouraged to become a member. All members have voting rights at our meetings. Executive Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and provide an oversight role for the Association. The executive for 2019-20 is:

AVCA Executive

  • President: Marty Carr
  • Vice-President: Stephanie Glover
  • Treasurer: Eric McCabe
  • Secretary: Morgan Gay

AVCA Directors at Large

Gina S, Garry Lindberg, Ziad Saab, John Reddins, Hugh Grandy, Cindy L’Heureux, Ingrid DeVries, Daniel Warchow, David Kidd.

You do not need to be an executive member to participate in meetings, vote, provide your input or volunteer. If you’d like to get in touch with the AVCA, please use the contact form on this website.