Planning Development

Planning and development are popular topics for community associations as they both have a direct impact on the neighbourhood in which we live. In general, discussions and updates on major development proposals occur at regular AVCA meetings of the Executive. Info may be available in meeting minutes as well.

The list below is a list of identified projects that have come to the forefront of community interest. Where available, links have been provided for more information.

Alta Vista Drive Functional Planning Study – for Alta Vista Drive between Faircrest Road and Edge Hill Place. Aging underground utilities such as sewers and watermains, from Billings Avenue to Kilborn Avenue and Wesmar Drive to Edge Hill Place, require renewal; this provides an opportunity to upgrade the design of surface elements such as the roadway, sidewalk and cycling facilities.

Bank Street Reconstruction (Riverside Drive to Walkley Road) – This project is following the requirements of a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment and will therefore include open houses, public consultations and the filing of a project file at the end of the project.

The City also provides a “Projects by Ward” pdf document showing all the major projects happening. It’s an interesting thing to look at as it shows clearly where the work is being done. The direct link to Alta Vista is here, and the Ward listing page is here.

The Heron Gate re-development is one of the biggest development projects in the City presently. In July 2019, AVCA submitted their initial comments to the City of Ottawa with respect to this development.

Development Applications

The City has recently provided online access to the full documents required when a developer applies for approval to undertake a development. To find out more information about any ongoing application simply enter the name of the street or area (such as “Pleasant Park Road” or  “Alta Vista“) and the relevant applications will be listed and are available for download and review if you wish.

Development Application Search

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial tribunal appointed by City Council and is independent and autonomous from the City Administration. The Committee’s mandate includes considering and making decisions on applications for Minor Variances, consent to “sever” property, and other applications. Based on specific criteria, applications for a specific property result in automatic notification of neighbours in the nearby vicinity of the application. A public hearing will be held, at which time the Committee will hear you or any other person who is in favour of or opposed to the application.

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