Traffic is a high priority for many residents of Alta Vista. Whether it is of interest to the Alta Vista Drive Residents Association, or residential streets used as a short-cut, we all have a vested interest in how traffic patterns affect our quality of life.

Information on some specific City projects and studies affecting the area are available below.

Safe Streets

The Safe Streets program is an initiative of Councillor Peter Hume’s office to address traffic safety concerns in Ward 18. The program was launched in June 2011 in the hopes of finding an immediate and direct response to traffic concerns reported to his office.  The Safe Streets program involves the installation of two mobile speed radar signs and other PSA-style signage around the ward.  In October 2012 there was a speeding blitz on select streets with the expectation that one is planned for the spring of 2013.

Recent data has been released by Councillor Hume’s office regarding the Safe Streets program. A copy of the summary report for 2012 is here: SafeStreetsSummaries.

As a result of feedback provided by the community, Councillor Hume is proposing to establish a 40km/hr speed zone for the entire Riverview Park community. See the Hume Blog for more details.

Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC)

The Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) has been planned by the City since the 1960s. The AVTC is a tract of land owned primarily by the City of Ottawa, and designated in the former Region of Ottawa-Carleton Official Plan and in the current Ottawa Official Plan for transportation purposes. The Corridor runs north and west from the Walkley/Conroy intersection to the Nicholas/Highway 417 interchange (across the Rideau River).

The AVTC is certainly a hot topic in the area, with many groups and community associations voicing their concerns and outright opposition to the project. For more information and different points of view on the project, search for “alta vista transportation corridor”.

You can get full details on the AVTC Environmental Study on the City of Ottawa website.

Funding for the first phase of the AVTC was approved in 2011 and includes a road linking the Hospital to Riverside. Detailed MAP of proposed road from Hospital to Riverside (City of Ottawa, Feb 2011), Phase 1 of the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC)

Alta Vista Drive Traffic Management

The Alta Vista Drive Area Traffic Management (ATM) Study (click HERE  for city web site description) was initiated in the fall of 2008 by the City of Ottawa’s Mobility and Area Traffic Management Unit to address traffic issues reported by the community.

The study area for the AltaVista Drive ATM Study is limited to Alta Vista Drive between Bank Street and Smyth Road. As such, issues relating to aggressive driver behavior and speeding on Alta Vista Drive will be addressed in the course of this study. Issues relating to traffic infiltration of side streets will inform, and potentially influence, the selection of measures on Alta Vista Drive. However, such issues will not be addressed through the implementation of measures beyond the defined study area.  Two Public Open House (POH) events were held on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 and Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at the Rideau Park United Church. Display boards used at the POH are available for viewing at the City’s web site. The boards cover the City’s Area Traffic Management Process; traffic issues on Alta Vista Drive from Bank Street to Smyth Road; results of the recently completed data collection exercise; and potential measures that would be appropriate for consideration on Alta Vista Drive.

Traffic calming work is expected to commence in July and August 2013.

TRANS Organization, Transportation Planning Ottawa-Gatineau

(From the TRANS website)

The TRANS Committee was established in 1979 to co-ordinate efforts between the major transportation planning agencies of the NCR. The Committee is a neutral forum for the exchange of information on technical guidelines and best practices. The 6 members include the National Capital Commission, the Ministère des Transports du Québec, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, Ville de Gatineau, the City of Ottawa, and the Société de transport de l’Outaouais.

Of interest to local residents will no doubt be the results of the 2011 Origin-Destination Survey, providing a “detailed picture of the who, where, why, when and how” of trips made by residents of the National Capital Region”.

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