Perennial Exchange

The Alta Vista Perennial Exchange is an event for local gardeners that takes place every May. Since 2012, the exchange is held at the Billings Estate National Historic Site in conjunction with their annual Mother’s Day Tea.

Gardeners are asked to bring their plants in pots or containers, labelled with the plant’s common name. (Popsicle sticks work great for labelling, or a piece of masking tape on the pot.) In addition to perennials, re-seeded annuals and herbs are also welcome. Sometimes we even get houseplants.

The first part of the event is for gardeners only: an hour is set aside for local gardeners to trade plants. After that, any remaining plants will be available for sale, with all proceeds going to the AVCA to support our community programs.

There is also an e-mail list that provides occasional news and information of interest to gardeners. To sign up, just send an e-mail message to:

Watch for details about the next Alta Vista Perennial Exchange on this site and in Vistas.