Rename Heron Corridor Competition

The AVCA Parks and Green Space Committee has launched a competition to honour Canada’s contribution to the Second World War to rename the Heron Corridor Green Space to re-establish the national significance of this 25 acres of land which was part of the greenbelt established in Ottawa as a living memorial to those who fought and died in the Second World War. Please check out the website , enter the contest and share this with your friends and neighbours.

Alta Vista Drive Functional Planning Study Update

Following an open house on June 18th and two week period for email submissions, 140 comments were received by the City regarding the proposed re-design of Alta Vista Drive. No clear consensus was reached in the 140 responses, with 38 people preferring Option A (raised, segregated bike lane next to the road), 44 preferring Option B (segregated cycle track bundled next to the road), 21 suggesting other options and 18 requesting status quo. Those supporting the project mentioned the need for segregated cycling facilities, the need for traffic calming on Alta Vista Drive and the benefits associated with renewing the underground infrastructure. Concerns for the project related to potential loss of trees, snow removal, passage of emergency vehicles and implications for residents living on Alta Vista Drive. The city is currently taking all the feedback and adjusting a design proposal. An open house will be held in early October, we will keep you posted, or visit the City page.

AVCA’s submission with respect to Heron Gate

In July 2019, the AVCA submitted their preliminary report to the City of Ottawa with respect to the Heron Gate development. The AVCA will continue to work with the City of the Ottawa,the City Councilor and Timbercreek to ensure the re-development meets the needs of the residents of Heron Gate and Alta Vista. You can read our initial submission here: